Loco Zydeco – Mardi Gras Party

LOCO ZYDECO is a six person high energy group. Their music is hot and smooth and always has the entire audience either moving in their seats or standing on their feet, dancing in place.  LOCO ZYDECO is a real crowd pleaser, pushing the envelope in just the right directions. Their catchy, upbeat rhythms make toes tap, legs swing and heads nod to the traditional tunes that are quite unlike anything you’ve ever experienced live before.

If you don’t think you want to dance, just listening to the band and watching the crowd is almost as fun. But, dancing or not, you probably won’t be standing still – the LOCO ZYDECO sound won’t let you and the scene will keep you smiling.

Extra rub-boards are always available for anyone adventurous enough to join the band on stage.  And yes ….. there will be beads.

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